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Coca Cola Content is liquid

Coca Cola Content is Liquid

In today’s media world where everyone can publish, CONTENT is KING. Coke has set up a great guideline in what it sees as ‘good content’. It sees itself not only as a brand anymore, but as a “media actor.” It creates LIQUID and LINKED Content. In that form of content, data will become the new soil and data whisperers will become the new messiahs.

Watch this and it will be clear that it is not about LISTENING to social media that is important… It is way more than that.

Their video mentions the following CASES:


  • Twelp Force
  • Tipp-Ex


  • IKEA done on Facebook


  • GOLF GT Iphone app

Data can fuel creativity, but cannot really replace it.¬†Arthur S. De Vany‘s great book about the movie industry makes this quite obvious. A quote from “Extreme Uncertainty¬†Shapes the Film Industry“:

None of our results are more surprising than finding that hard-headed science puts the creative process at the very center of the motion picture universe. There is no formula. Outcomes cannot be predicted. There is no reason for management to get in the way of the creative process. Character, creativity and good story-telling trump everything else.