Data Dialogue

I believe data will change the world more than the internet change the world. From Deep Learning to simple analytics data has been shifting the power within our society. Read my views at Forbes or see the videos below. Let’s start the dialogue about data.

Digital Innovation Summit – “Big Data – Beyond the Hype”

DIS berlin



Cornell Talk – “MBA’s need to learn Data”

talk at Cornell University

Please click on this link for the talk

Second Street – Data Creates Insights

Lutz Finger talks at Second Street

Please click on the link to see the talk.


10 min Intro into Ask Measure Learn

RIA NOVOSTI – Journalism is alive – if it uses Data

How to build a Social Media Bot – It’s easy

Social Media Bots – Danger to our Society

The Myth of the Social Media Influencer

Astroturfing & the Rise of Fake Influence

German TV / Video Coverage

and more to be found on Lutz Finger YouTube channel