I like DATA and I love INSIGHTS. I am a quantum physicist by training who studied Journalism and went down the MBA route. I am a Director at LinkedIn and work with… Yes, you guessed it: DATA.


Before that I built and sold a data analytics startup company called Fisheye Analytics.


I am also the author of “Ask Measure Learn,” a book written for managers on how to get value out of data. If you hang around this blog for a while, you will notice a few main themes:

  • Data science is getting easier every day. Non-linear regression is about 100 years old.
  • Data wrangling is getting simpler. We now have better tools and smarter people.
  • The biggest issue we face is ASKing the right question.
  • Algorithms are powerful, mostly because we trust them too much.

In my many interactions with former clients, such as the World Economic Forum, the Olympics, and FIFA (to name a few), I formed the following hypotheses about social media data, and its measurements:

  • Influencers are dead…More often than not, trends are determined by homophily.
  • The internet is not built equally…we call this reach.
  • Awareness does not equal intent.
  • Participating in social media is completely different from measuring it.
  • Everyone should have at least one social bot.
  • The big issue we face is ASKing the right question (did I mention this before?)

Ask Measure Learn

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