Spring 2015 – Best of Cornell

How do you create amazing new data driven products! By studying deep, deeper and the deepest machine learning algorithms? Nope – by enabling business folks to talk and think data. I recently had the opportunity to test this theory. I taught a course about Data Science for MBA students at Cornell University’s Johnson School and Cornell Tech campus. The student projects are listed here: from predicting the of future Starbucks locations to setting prices for old vinyl records.

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Fair Rental Finder
This tool identifies whether an apartment in Boston is fairly priced.

Analyzing Yelp – Small Business Tool
A tool to help restaurant owners to analyze most efficiently and effective use reviews to improve their restaurants.

Predictive Pricing Guidance on Amazon for Vinyl Records
This tool analyzes the pricing strategy of amazon and inform potential steps for action (go/no-go) in a music executive’s decision to sell vinyls on Amazon or even produce vinyls.

Car Value by Location Estimator
The data product predicts much should I pay for a particular car in my region, and what regions have the cheapest prices for it?

Automatically populating product lines onto e-commerce sites
This tool help to simplify the listing process at sites like ebay by analyzing and inferring attributes through their descriptions.

Zillow Predictions
The tool will predict which Zillow object will help investors to quickly recoup their investment.

Starbucks Predictions
This tool allows quickly to identify potential store locations of new Starbucks shops. Also it helps you to determine whether Starbucks store location strategy is changing or not.

This tool analyzes the students comments about Professors and matches it with their respective ratings. The Professor2Rockstar data product can help professors determine what aspects of their course they should prioritize in order to improve overall course satisfaction.

Analytics of Cornell’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center
This analytics tool helps to analyze the Cornell’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center’s customer feedback survey.

Nightlife and Apartment Finder
This tool helps young people to find an affordable apartment within their budget that is also close to a desired number of bars and clubs. The app analyzes apartment rentals and combines them with bar listings.

Predicting StartUp Funding Rounds
This tool aims to predict the likelihood of successful funding round. It thus would allow investors to gauge the likelihood of safe and lucrative investment.

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