Combining Semantic Search with Voice Recognition

Combining Semantic Search with Voice Recognition

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you want to know how the near future will look? Then check out this video! Google is combining their semantic search with voice recognition. Thus, you can start to have a conversations with Google!

The issue is however that both features are really difficult to do. Take semantic search as an example. Many social media measurement companies try to measure SENTIMENT around one given topic. However, how do you relate negative sentiment to the keywords you are analyzing? Advanced measurement companies use Anaphora (thus, “he” or “his” etc..) to find all of the clues involved in a given search. However, those things are quite limited and often fail us.

Here, Google is faced with similar issues. The video shows how those semantic searches sometimes work and sometimes do not work. However, this is the future. Google and Apple will solve those difficulties with a brute force approach. The more they analyze searches and their contexts, the more they will understand the probabilities of what someone wanted to search.


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