Strata Talk – Suggested Readings

Thanks for watching my Strata Talk or checking out the presentation. Please see below for a list of suggested readings, which provides further research on bots:

Pew: Half of Americans get news digitally, topping newspapers, radio
by Andrew Beaujon

55% Of Journalists Worldwide Use Twitter, Facebook To Source News Stories [STUDY]
By Shea Bennett

Infographics – every 60 s
by GO-Globe

SPAM Clock

Study Spammers Conversion – 1 Conversion in whole of LA

2010 – Twitter claims that they managed the SPAM issue
by Twitter

2010 – Great Research article on Facebook SPAM
by Hongyu Gao

Crime in the Internet. Internetsafety 101

2010 – Uncovering Social Spammers: Social Honeypots + Machine Learning
by Kyumin Lee

2011 – The Socialbot Network – When Bots Socialize for Fame and Money
by Yazan Boshmaf et. al.

How the ‘Good Life’ is Threatened in Cyberspacemore
by Huma Shah

2005 – Social Phishing
by Tom Jagatic

Consumers pay more attention to Reviews then to Social Networks
by eccomplished

Spotting fake reviewer groups in consumer reviews
by Arjun Mukherjee

2013 – CATS: Characterizing Automation of Twitter Spammers
by Amit A. Amleshwaram

2012 – Understanding and Combating Link Farming in the Twitter Social Network
by Saptarshi Ghosh et. al.

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