STRATA – A Media Overview

This years STRATA Conference has just finished. It was a highly professional organized meeting. Hats off to Edd Dumbill, his team, and the Co-Chair Alistair Croll.

Below, you will find a few media facts taken from the Fisheye Analytics tool (disclaimer: I am a co-founder of Fisheye Analytics).



Amount of Articles on Strata 2013

Within one week, there were more then 11,000 mentions of Strata on Twitter and Facebook. Most of those mentions happened while the conference took place.

(Note on the keyword. The keyword determines how many articles are filtered. In this case I had set up: “@Strata”, “#StrataConf” and “Strata Conference”. )

Surely, not all of those mentions are equally as important. One can see how often articles are retweeted and commented on, thus diving into the most important articles. They came from: Mashable,, TechCrunsh, Money CNN, Forbes, The Daily Beast, and many other sources.



Trending Hashtags – Strata 2013

In one of my other posts on participation, I joked that less and less “data scientists” and more and more “managers” seemed to attend STRATA. However, if you look at the topics covered, you can see that STRATA dove deep into technology. The usage of big data, or ANALYTICS, was very much at the forefront of the discussions. The trending topics in those 11,000 articles were (listed by number of appearances):

  • analytical database
  • predictive analytics
  • Elasticube
  • multi-dimensional data sources
  • massive scale
  • Hadoop
  • on-the-fly analytics


Top contributors to the twitter discussions were Joseph Lalonde, who tweeted 292 times about #StrataConf, followed closely by Daniel Tunkelang (196 tweets) and Brad Lynch (120 tweets).


The most retweeted Tweet was Monica Rogati’s Tweet predicting this years focus. He tweet got re-tweeted 85 times, followed closely by  @BigDataBorat tweet: “Toughest job as Data Scientist is when data is bias against your pre-ordained conclusion” (65 re-tweets).



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