I have given speeches and lectures to lots of different audiences—schools, businesses, and nonprofits — ranging in size from a dozen to a thousand. If you’re interested in engaging and funny talk, just send us a note about the event (date, location, audience, etc.):

Core Topics

Data – Centric Topics

  • The risk of the Wrong METRICS
  • How to build Data Science Team
  • How to find Data Centric Products
  • About Data Driven Decision Making
  • The art of Metrics
  • Getting an Organization to ASK the right question

Social Media – Centric Topics

  • The Myth of the Influencer
  • Social Media ROI
  • Awareness vs. Intent – the aim of action
  • Metrics, Metrics, Metrics
  • The content game
  • Social Medi Bots & Fake Identities

Selection of Recent Talks

July 2014 – @ DataLympics in Frankfurt
Gateway Analytics Network Datalympics

May 2014 – @ International News Media Association World Congress (Storify) in San Francisco

April 2014 – @ Gain Actionable Insights from Your Big Data in Webcast
Ask-Measure-Learn to Gain Actionable Insights from Your Big Data

March 2014 – @ Gateway Analytics Network
Ask Measure Learn (slideshare)

December 2013 – @ UC Berkeley on Data and Journalism (slideshare)
hosted by Alan Mutter

June 2013 – @ Future Media in Moscow
Applied Metrics & Measurements

April 2013 – @ CEDEP in Paris
Media & Data Workshop with Annet Aris

March 2013 @Our Social Times in London
The Rise of Fake Influencers

February 2013 – @ STRATA Conference in St. Clara
Who is Fake? Discover Astroturfing or Attempts of Fake Influence!

November 2012 – @ OurSocialTimes in Paris
The Myth of Social Media Influencer

June 2012 – @ Social CRM in Frankfurt
Beyond Listening & Engaging – the right data

February 2012 – @ INSEAD in Fontainebleau
Social Media Measurement – MBA Class with Bruno Lavin